In the past few days, we have successfully resolved all the upstanding issues regarding the implementation details of the fusion mechanic!

We are proud to say that we meaningfully consulted our community along the way, through Discord and the Omnimorphs DAO.

This article will contain the exact specifications of how…

In the past few days, we were humbled by seeing how excited our community is about fusing their Omnimorphs! We also realized, that it is a major driver for secondary market sales, which is something that we planned for and are happy about!

The whole fusion idea is, after all…

Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed many discussions in our community around the topic of what makes certain Omnimorphs rarer than others.

We intend to answer this question with this article!

The system

The Omnimorphs trait system is quite complex, resulting in extra layers and axes of rarity.

The total…

More often than not, the value of an NFT collectible token is dependent on the rarity of its traits. For this reason, fair and random collection generation and distribution are of paramount importance.

We have devised a system that makes the generation of the Omnimorphs collection transparent, fair, repeatable, and…

We highly encourage everyone who has a presale pass to mint their tokens through the Omnimorphs website for the best possible experience.

Below we’ll go through the process with screenshots.

How it will go

Presale will last almost four days, from 13 September 6:00 AM (GMT) until 16 September, 18:00 (GMT).

800 people will…

Special thanks to Rey#2114 & xyn/Serg#8459 for this guide.

If you’re reading this then you’re already winning!


Well, you’ve decided to set yourself up for success in Omnimorphs’ extremely exciting upcoming mint!

Congrats! You’re taking your luck into your own hands.

The purpose of this guide is to give you some real-world information to make Mint Day

Announcing the Omnimorphs Roadmap

We’re excited to announce the official roadmap of Omnimorphs! We feel we have a bunch of pretty exciting things in here. Many of these ideas we had for months, but some were inspired by our amazing and constantly growing community in these past few days.

Our roadmap focuses on the…

Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

After many months of hard work, we’re excited to announce our unique NFT avatar project, Omnimorphs!

About the project

Most of you probably know the so-called “10K” project format very well, so feel free to skip this part if you do. For who doesn’t, however:

Omnimorphs is a generative NFT collectible project of…


Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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