Soul Shard Auctions

6 min readOct 10, 2022


In this article, we will present how the Soul Shard Auctions work and tell you how to participate and collect for FREE the artworks associated with the most recent OmniLore chapter. As of right now, the first 5 artworks have been drawn by our artist, Daniel Taylor.

One of Omnimorph’s ambitions is to become an Art Collective, therefore, in the near future, we will start introducing renowned guest artist as well for our Artwork series.

Let’s begin.

What is a Soul Shard?

Soul Shards are obtainable from the Fusion process and they are your key to obtain OmniLore Artwork.

Fusion is our personalization utility. It gives Omni holders the utility to fuse together 2 Omnimorph NFTs and select the best traits from both and combine them into 1 personalized Omnimorph. Our in depth Fusion guide can be found here.

During Fusion, the BURNT Omnimorph is automatically converted into a Soul Shard (think of it as the essence of the burnt Omnimorph) and you receive this NFT into your wallet. The Soul Shard acts as a token that allows you to participate in the Artwork Auctions and be able to bid and win them.

Another way to obtain a Soul Shard is by directly purchasing it from OpenSea. All Soul Shards are the same even if you are buying someone else’s Soul Shard.

Only buy Soul Shards from this verified link:

Now you know Soul Shards are created, let’s find out how to put them to good use as well.

What are Soul Shard Auctions?

Soul Shard Auctions are your opportunity to collect, using Soul Shards, beautiful works of art made by Daniel Taylor and future guest artists.

All OmniLore Chapters will have an artwork associated with them, each artwork will also have a number of editions. So far, we have successfully completed 5 artwork auctions. All 5 artworks have had 20 editions, the number of editions can vary in future auctions depending on a variety of factors. If you’ve just found out about this initiative, you’re in luck, you still have time to participate in future Soul Shard Auctions.

Our goal with the OmniLore story-building experience and Soul Shard Auction is to have 15 lore chapters + 15 artworks ready to be included in the Omnimorphs Art Book. This will be a finished, high-quality work of art with a polished storyline that will be available in both digital and physical form.

With this finished product, our goal will be to adapt it to other, more immersive multimedia (such as an animated series) through the help of external partners.

The Abyss Will Gaze Back — Chapter II.

How do I get my hands on those artworks?

First of all, get your Soul Shards ready either from personalizing your Omnis through Fusion or by directly buying the Shards from OpenSea. Once you have done that you are ready to participate in the auctions.

Second, keep your eyes on our socials. The Soul Shard Auction for the latest artwork will be clearly announced on our Discord + Twitter channels.

The method we use is called a Silent Auction.

This is how Silent Auctions work: anyone that has Soul Shards can bid on the artworks. You can bid 1,2,3 Soul Shards or how many you want. The more Soul Shards you bid, the greater chance you have of claiming an edition of the artwork. So far, in each auction there have been a total of 19 editions to be claimed (1 edition is always reserved and freely given away to those that vote in our OmniLore story-building experience).

The tricky part with any silent auction is that you don’t know how many Soul Shards other people bid so it’s your job to choose whether you bid more or less Soul Shards.

A few examples:

Total number editions to be won = 19.

  1. If 19 people participate and they all bid 1 Soul Shard, ALL 19 people will win an edition. Everyone is happy.
  2. If 25 people participate and they all bid 1 Soul Shard, the algorithm will randomly choose 19 people. 6 people will not win an edition, the other 19 will. Not everyone is happy.
  3. If 25 people participate, 5 of them bid 2 Soul Shards and the other 20 bid 1 Soul Shard. The 5 that bid 2 Soul Shards will be guaranteed an edition and the other 14 editions will be randomly given to those bidding just 1 Soul Shard. Again, 6 people will not win an edition.

The rule of Silent Auction is simple:

The more Soul Shards you bid on the artwork editions, the more you guarantee you’ll win one.

If you really like a particular artwork and you don’t want to risk not getting it, we suggest you talk to other members of the community to see what they have bid and for extra safety you can bid an extra Soul Shard just to be sure.

IMPORTANT! The bidding process is gasless, it does not cost you anything. The website will, although, prompt you to sign a Metamask message for the number of Soul Shards you want to bid. No Ethereum blockchain transaction will be initiated.

How long do the Soul Shard Auction last?

So far the auctions have lasted 72 hours but upon receiving feedback from the community, we will extend the auction duration to 7 days in order to make it more accessible.

I only bid 1 Soul Shard but I changed my mind and I want to bid more, is it possible?

Yes, simply go back to the auction page and change your bid amount. You can only increase the bidding amount, you can not bid less.

Pillar of Euraphaessa — Chapter I.

How do I know if I’ve won an artwork edition?

You can check to see if you are a lucky winner by going back to the auction page after the timer has run out. We’ll also announce the winners in Discord.

If you successfully bid enough you won an edition. Congratulations. Now it’s time to collect it.

How do I collect an artwork edition?

To collect your artwork edition you need to go back to the auction page after the auction has concluded.

The website will check if you were among the winners and prompt you to a on-chain transaction, this transaction costs gas. Two things will happen in this transaction:

  1. The number of Soul Shards you bid will be burnt (if you bid 2 Soul Shards, 2 Soul Shards will be burnt)
  2. You will receive, in exchange for the Soul Shards, the edition of the artwork

All artwork are minted as ERC1155 tokens.

I didn’t win, do I lose the Soul Shards I bid?

No, your Soul Shards are safu. Soul Shards are burnt during the claiming process and you had to have won an edition to be eligible to claim.

A Stone’s Throw — Chapter IV.

How much time do I have to collect my artwork edition after I’ve won?

We usually allow a few days for people to collect their artworks and after that we give a firm deadline. If after the deadline expiration there are still unclaimed editions, we will announce new winners for those editions. So, even if u didn’t win, you still have a chance to get an edition if other people don’t collect theirs in time.

We hope this guide clarifies all the aspects about the Soul Shard Auctions and we encourage you to be among the ones that participate.

Becoming an Art Collective means combining both art and community.

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