31 March 2022 — Metaverse Avatar Update, Website Update, Upcoming OmniLore Incentives, Sandbox Alpha Pass Recap

3 min readMar 31, 2022

Check our usual bi-weekly status update below!

Metaverse Avatar Update

As many of you might know, we are in the process of developing 3D avatars from all Omnimorph NFTs.

We have some new sneak-peeks of how the rarest backgrounds from the collection will translate to the 3D versions.

As a reminder, since the 3D model cannot have a background, we will add the background color and pattern to the pants of the character.

Below is a concept of how “The Grid” background will look as pants on the 3D avatars.

Example of an Omnimorphs 3D look (Work in progress)

The background symbol will also appear on the boots as a type of metal “pendant”.

Website Update

We also have some new sneak-peeks of our new website currently being developed.

We aim for maximum immersion with the design and the structure.

As one of our main goals is to develop a great sci-fi/fantasy IP from Omnimorphs, the lore section will be one of the most important parts of our new website as well.

Below are a few screenshots of how the lore page will look, approximately.

OmniLore Story-Building Initiative Incentives

Our collaborative story-building experiment, the OmniLore DAO had its second chapter released last week.

In the next chapter, we will introduce exclusive incentives for those who vote, and therefore help further the official Omnimorphs storyline.

This is an aspect of the project that can be the most exciting in the long-run, since a well-developed IP could be manifested in various ways, such as a comic, graphic novel, animated short, etc.


Sandbox Alpha Pass Recap

Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is closing and we’re proud to have raffled out 10 passes to members of our community.

Those with the pass are able to claim up to 1K $SAND in the coming days/weeks.

A recap of how the passes were distributed:

  • 3 to some of the most active and loyal members of our community
  • 3 to Soul Shard holders (Soul Shards are obtained through OmniFusion)
  • 2 to Omnimorph holders
  • 1 in a Twitter giveaway
  • 1 for OmniTotem holders that voted in the OmniLore DAO

We’ll be on the lookout in the future as well for such opportunities to delight Omni holders with great prizes and fun contests.