Omnimorphs — 1 Year Anniversary

9 min readSep 16, 2022

Omnimorphs — 1 Year Anniversary

“Sometimes it’s good to look back in order to know where you are going”
- famous philosopher Sickwidit

The first thing we want to say is THANK YOU for being here with us. We had no idea 1 year ago how much we will learn and how many new friends we would end up making along our journey. This means everything to us, and it’s what fuels our passion to keep exploring new frontiers for art & storytelling in web3.

A short trip down memory lane…

The whole story of Omnimorphs began in the spring of 2021 during a casual bike ride when I introduced Huba to the world of NFTs, more specifically projects like CryptoPunks, BAYC and it instantly sparked an idea that we should do something in a similar vein. Huba was really into the blockchain coding aspects, and I was excited about the possibilities of generating multiple artworks from the individual “lego” pieces I drew.

Not many people know, but the first versions of this idea looked very different. Originally we were going to do what everyone else was pushing towards, which is cute, animal PFPs. But after a few weeks, we realized we weren’t that passionate about this, especially me who even scrapped the whole project. It wasn’t until Huba sent me a long, and emotional message about his thoughts that made me consider picking it up again. We met multiple times, started everything from the beginning, and talked about things we like and would enjoy working on. We landed, of course on games like “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo”, or movies like “The Lord of the Rings” and Ghibli movies. The stories and characters in these worlds were all part of our childhood and we decided this is the direction we need to take it. Not long after this, we were joined by our long-time friend, Gabi — aka Dformer — who we also knew since university, who helped us carve out some additional directions for Omnimorphs. I personally was and still am super happy with working on such a big personal project with friends who I’ve known for more than 10 years.

Daniel, Huba & Gabor

Project announced — Aug 16th

After months of hard work, we were finally ready to reveal the Omnimorphs.

But what exactly are the Omnimorphs?

Omnimorphs are mysterious mimic entities that exist on the brink of human societies. They live elusively and observe us from a distance. Their origins and purpose are shrouded in mystery.

The development of the Omnimorphs Lore and the so-called “Book of Origins” is one of the most important goals for us, and in time, it will shed more light on the mysterious creatures and their influence.

The Mint — Sep 16th

It was an exciting and different world 365 days ago, each day, there was a hyped-up NFT project minting at a minimum. Everyone from our barber to our grandma was talking about the fast emerging NFT landscape. It was truly the Wild Wild West…

Omnimorphs was a fan favourite. Everyone was eager to get their hands on the latest Daniel Taylor artwork.

The result? We minted out in 12 minutes with 3857 unique holders, all without any problems, and off to a great start. Not bad, considering that NOW we have 3899 unique holders. Omnimorphs captivated people’s attention with the fresh art style and the mysterious back story.

We even managed to get the attention of a few celebrities such as Steve Aoki, Mike Shinoda, Von Miller, and Laurence Fuller, and some big-time collectors showed great support as well, Goltra and 888 each bought into the Ancient Omnimorphs (the most prestigious of all Omnimorphs).

Goltra is the only one to have collected all 7 Ancient types out of the 32 existing and it’s unlikely that anyone else will be able to accomplish this feat.

Omnimorphs x Sandbox — Oct 21st

Omnimorph’s first step into the Metaverse would prove to be the correct one as well.

We were faced with a deal we could not refuse, we were accepted into the Sandbox Premium Partnership so we purchased 9 LAND plots to create magical experiences that bring the Omniverse to life, but who would help us…?

We were introduced to the amazing Polygonal Mind studio, and a match made in heaven began. Polygonal Mind has helped us immensely, voxel by voxel, to create our vision within The Sandbox, and we could not be much happier.

OmniTotems — Nov 26th

The OmniTotems were introduced as a FREE TO CLAIM collection, each Omnimorph can claim its own Totem, and at that time, their role was to expand the Lore and give voting rights in the future OmniLore story-building experience.

The Totems were a novel attempt to kickstart the Omnimorphs narrative universe, and they will also play a very important role in future experiences. More on this later in the article.

Fusion — Dec 17th

We minted a 10.000 PFP collection, but we never intended to stay at that number. Omnimorphs are fluid beings, they change, they morph, and sometimes they even fuse…

That’s why we promised, from the beginning, that FUSION is going to be a game changer for our collection.

FUSION is our personalization utility, but it does much more than that.

Fusion alters the entire aesthetic of the collection permanently, and at the same time, it consumes one of your Omnimorph NFTs in exchange for a Soul Shard, which is a unique NFT representing the consumed Omnimorph.

We strongly encourage everyone that attempts to do a FUSION to research the resources available and understand the mechanics behind it. As of today, there are only 9021 Omnimorphs.

Vision for 2022 — Jan 14th

At the beginning of 2022, we took a few steps back, and we set our priorities in order for the year to come.

From inception, Daniel’s art gave us the main strength of the collection, which is the artistic and narrative potential of the mysterious characters of Omnimorphs.

So, our mission was clear: turn Omnimorphs into a rich fantasy world, which has the potential to reach broader audiences and expand into the real world beyond crypto and web3.

As a result 2 artistic directions have been set:

1. A visual one is represented by the OmniLore Artworks, which contain works of art by Daniel Taylor and other guest artists.

2. A story-telling one represented by the OmniLore story-building experience containing the lore stories written by our dear LoreMaster, Jared.

These 2 directions come together in what we call the “Omnimorphs Art Book”, a finished, high-quality work of art with a polished storyline that will be available in both digital and physical form.

With a finished product, our goal will be to adapt it to other, more immersive multimedia (such as an animated series) through the help of external partners.

Game Maker Fund — Feb 3rd

At the beginning of February, we got some more amazing news from The Sandbox.

We were honored to have received funding from the Sandbox Game Maker Fund to develop truly world-class Omnimorphs experiences inside The Sandbox with our development partners on our side, Polygonal Mind.

We started building 3 entertaining Sandbox experiences:

1. Nul Khronos — Social Hub (1*1 Land)

2. Val Echoes — Social Hub (1*1 Land)

3. Abyss Will Gaze Back — Game Hub (2*1 Land)

These experiences will let holders and other players explore iconic places from the Omnimorphs fictional universe and play through parts of the storyline.

Omnimorphs Origins — Feb 9th & Feb 21st

February 2022 marks the beginning of our OmniLore collective story-building experience.

On February 9th, we set the stage with the Omnimorphs Origins: Prologue.

Before, there were Omnimorphs, a being of fathomless complexity known only as the Great Mind, who reached out and cradled our universe within the structure of its vast consciousness, bringing order to chaos. An infinite cycle of life and death was created.

February 21st was a very important date, our community got their first opportunity to help us choose the right path forward in “The Calm Before — Chapter I.” The community voted for Branch #3 — The Reaper’s Reflection, and little did they know how great of a choice that was. You’ll find out soon why…

Illustration for The Calm Before — Chapter I.

Sandbox Tools of Equilibrium VoxEdit contest — Mar 2nd

Being a Sandbox Premium Partner and receiving funding from the Game Maker Fund proved that the folks at The Sandbox liked our collection and our vision.

They liked our values so much that The Tools of Equilibrium VoXEdit Contest would be Sandbox’s biggest contests to date with a whooping total prize pool of 50.000 SAND ($150.000) and 1st place prize of 20.00 SAND ($60.000)!

Introducing Necromorphs — Apr 13th

AI generated concept art of Necromorphs

In the first OmniLore chapter, “The Calm Before — Chapter I.” our community voted to have beings called Necromorphs featured in the storyline as antagonists to the Omnimorphs.

“Monstrous creatures, with features like hardened slivers of black glass. Believed to once have been omnimorphs, an eternity in a dead realm destroyed their ability to mimic and crystalized them into a perfect reflection of death, the necromorphs.”

The community was so enthusiastic about the idea of Necromorphs, that we decided to create a more exclusive generative collection for the Omnimorph universe “baddies.”

The launch is TBA, for now, all we can divulge is that the OmniTotems will play a crucial role in obtaining the Necromorph NFTs.

This shows how great an influence our community has in the world-building for Omnimorphs.

Omnimorphs visit Times Square NYC — Jun 22nd

Omnimorphs were always made for the big screens, so we wanted to see how they would look on the most iconic one: the One Times Square billboard.

During NFT NYC event, we partnered with PLINFT to have Omnimorphs of some of our community members displayed on the billboards in Times Square.

Our community decided to send 10 of the best-looking Omnimorphs to the spotlights.

Finished Sandbox Experiences — Aug 12

We announced that we were in the polishing phase of our 3 Sandbox Voxel Experiences.

2 Social Hubs (2 Lands) + 1 Game Hub (2 Lands) are ready for the world.

The Sandbox platform is currently in the alpha phase, but we’re in an extremely fortunate position to have started building early on. As a result, our experiences will likely be playable before the official launch, perhaps as soon as a subsequent Alpha Season…


We’re proud of our accomplishments and have a crystal clear vision of what we want to achieve as an NFT art collection focused on storytelling and world-building. We’ve had our struggles but overcoming them only made us stronger.

We think that we’ve managed to build a solid foundation that will help us communicate better and take the Omnimorphs world and brand to a new level.

The Future

What are we working on and what to expect in the near and more distant future:

  • “Echoes from the Void” Sandbox voxel item sale with Sandbox marketing
  • VX Sandbox avatars are coming soon
  • Universal, playable avatars in an open-source format called “VRM”
  • 2 confirmed renowned guest artists for the OmniLore Artworks and more pending confirmation
  • Rebranded Omnimorphs website
  • and, of course, Necromorphs are going to be exceptional

Last Words

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who believes in us and Omnimorphs. We are here for the long haul, and we hope you stay with us as well.

Omnimorphs Team.




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