Omnimorphs - Journey Proposal 2022

6 min readApr 13, 2022


Hey Omnis, we have some exciting news to share with you regarding our future plans!

Before we dive in we want to recap a few things.

In January we published our article that outlined the Vision and Mission for Omnimorphs, the general direction, and strategic goals for 2022.

  • Make Omnimorphs come to life in the metaverse
  • Develop amazing lore for the project and turn it into a legitimate sci-fi/fantasy IP
  • Build relationships and partnerships in the space and beyond
  • Provide utility to existing Omnimorph NFTs (Omnimorphs, Soul Shards, Totems)

We also talked about the Omnimorphs Art Collective and our vision to transform into a revolutionary art collective and now the time has come to truly build what we envisioned.

Below we propose a direct and actionable set of plans that will further the project’s agenda on all the above fronts and answer some of the recurring concerns.

A tangible long term goal for Omnimorphs

From inception, Daniel’s art gave us the main strength of the project, which is the artistic and narrative potential of the mysterious characters of Omnimorphs.

IP development is one of the most exciting goals to pursue for our project, since it has the potential to reach broader audiences and expand into the real world.

We will continue to focus on IP development as the main feature for Omnimorphs since this theme is shared with multiple parts of the project.

One of the most important plans for the project is to create an immersive and high-quality artbook (digital and physical).

The artbook will contain stories developed through the OmniLore story-building initiative and illustrations by Daniel Taylor, as well as other guest artists.

Mockup of how we imagine the artbook

Why is that a good thing? A finished, high-quality work of art and a polished storyline has the potential to open doors. With this finished product, our goal will be to adapt it to other, more immersive multimedia (such as an animated series), through the help of external partners.

Accomplishing this will be no small feat and we will need the continued support from holders in the process of creating the storyline and art for the book.

Omnis who help build in this process will have an opportunity to score limited artworks!

Omnimorphs utility

Omnimorphs are the centerpiece collection, the art alone speaks for itself and we have to say we love each and every one of them.

That being said, they are also used to:

  • Freely claim OmniTotems
  • Create Soul Shards through OmniFusion
  • Enter future whitelist giveaways and airdrops
  • Access 3D metaverse avatars

Soul Shard utility

Soul Shards are received by Omnimorph holders who take part in OmniFusion and fuse two of their Omnimorphs into a potentially cooler and rarer NFT.

The future utility of Soul Shards would be to make them a consumable resource. All artworks created for the artbook will be minted as limited edition NFTs and will be obtainable through Soul Shard auctions.

Due to how OmniFusion works, the theoretical maximum supply of Soul Shards is 5000, so it will give real scarcity to the NFTs.

This allows us to extend the utility of Soul Shards so that holders can exchange them for other works of art and potentially limited edition metaverse items.

We will also keep the current function of the Soul Shards, where they can potentially serve as keys to obtain whitelist spots to partnered mints and activities.

As a reminder, we recently raffled 3 Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Passes amongst Soul Shard holders and want to provide similar utility in the future.

OmniTotems utility

OmniTotems are a collection freely claimable by Omnimorph holders. Totems are a unique collection that plays a special role in the building of the Omnimorphs fictional universe.

The proposed function of totems are the following:

  • Voting rights in the OmniLore story-building initiative
  • Through participation, totem holders stand to win limited edition artworks and other prizes. For example, holders recently had a chance to win a Sandbox Season 2 Alpha Pass
  • A unique, limited edition artwork for each OmniLore chapter will be minted and we’ll raffle out at least 1 edition of the limited artworks amongst those who vote with their totems
  • As a small aesthetic perk, we will create Twitter-banner sized versions of all minted totems
  • The most important perk comes at the end of this article…

Community Council

We have received criticism that we’re not engaged enough with the community.

We hear you and we are set on doing better on this front.

For this exact reason, we’ll be setting up a Community Council whose role will be to work alongside the founding team to advise and assist in the decision-making process.

Functions of the council will include:

  • Regular meetings with the team
  • Communicate recent developments to the community
  • Bring forward to the team ideas and concepts that are being discussed in the community so no great ideas get lost or neglected

Council members will also complement the team’s work with different viewpoints and skillsets. They’ll have an important and tangible role to play in strategic and tactical decisions.

The exact details of how this will work out will be presented in a future Medium article. That article will explain how members are proposed and what will the exact responsibilities and functions be.

Art Collective — filled up with substance

This outlines how we aim to turn Omnimorphs into an Art Collective that collaborates through rich storytelling built by the community, artists, and admirers.

The storyline is developed as a community effort, through the OmniLore story-building initiative while holders can obtain limited edition artworks in the process.

Many of these artworks would also be used in the Omnimorphs artbook in the future.

Our goal is to involve the community in building an awesome, rich sci-fi/fantasy IP for Omnimorphs that can be experienced in different mediums.

Metaverse Development

This we have already communicated about on numerous occasions, but we intend to add an extra layer to both the Omnimorph artworks and the fictional universe through metaverse developments.

The main ongoing efforts on this front are:

  • Universal 3D metaverse avatars created from Omnimorph NFTs
  • 4 lands of Sandbox experiences are being developed enriching the Omnimorphs lore visually and narratively and we can hardly wait to share it with you!
Omnimorphs in Decentraland
Omnimorphs in the Sandbox

Introducing Necromorphs

In an early chapter of the OmniLore story-building initiative, the community voted to have beings called Necromorphs featured in the storyline, as antagonists to the Omnimorphs.

“Monstrous creatures, with features like hardened slivers of black glass. Believed to once have been omnimorphs, an eternity in a dead realm destroyed their ability to mimic and crystalized them into a perfect reflection of death, the necromorphs.”

While this is a long-term plan, we intend to create a generative collection from the Omnimorph universe “baddies”.

Totems will play a crucial role in the process of obtaining the Necromorph NFTs.

To tie everything up nicely, the infographic below encompasses the entire Omnimorphs Universe and offers a clear view of our vision for the project.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we would like to thank you for your continued support and trust, we have a long and beautiful road ahead.