Omnimorphs Metaverse & Avatar update

4 min readAug 12, 2022

The metaverse offers vast opportunities for Omnimorphs to expand our story-building initiative and give a starting point for escapist and sci-fi lovers to meet our universe. The following article will comprehensively update what we’ve been building for the metaverse.

“Omnimorphs walk freely between our reality and the metaverse…”

Sandbox Development

Omnimorphs are proud Premium Partners of the Sandbox, one of the most popular metaverses. We are owners of 9 lands due to our partnership deal, and we’re at the final polishing phase of 3 completed voxel experiences.

1. Nul Khronos— Social Hub (1*1 land)

First things first: What does Social Hub mean? These Sandbox lands allow one to complete puzzles and interact socially with other players, but no fight encounters.

We meant Nul Khronos for our community to get together, hang out, appreciate the fantastic art of Omnimorphs, and celebrate special occasions.

A vast and ancient metropolis sits beyond the reach of time. Explore endless chambers filled with knowledge and wonder to uncover timeless mysteries amidst beauty. Help The Ancient Wisdom to restore order and activate the city’s defense system!

Nul Khronos Trailer

As chaos descends on us, travel beyond time to the ancient city of Nul Khronos and join the Omnimorphs to save our universe!

2. Val Echoes — Social Hub (1*1 land)

Val Echoes is an extension of Nul Khronos as a multiplayer social hub adventure with a more lore-focused approach, where you can meet the main characters of the Omnimorphs Universe through an engaging questline.

Val Echoes trailer

Explore the hidden secrets of the scorching surface. Ancient Humility, Kiem, Barlow, and the OmniTotems will guide you through on the edge of the cusp of two realities. Gear up and prepare for the upcoming Abyss!

A hub of commune and commerce, Val Echoes stands towering amidst the endless sands. A place few humans have entered, but as humanity awakens, its numbers grow.

3. Abyss Will Gaze Back — Game Hub (2*1 land)

What does Game Hub mean? A single-player experience with encounters, complex questline, and additional game mechanics.

Life Tree — Abyss Will Gaze Back

The darkness permeates every corner of existence, leaving no life untouched. Some, however, welcome it… dwell in it …embody it. Where this darkness emanates from remains to be seen. As you journey from the edge of Val Echoes, the subtle hand of fate seems to be at work, your destiny becoming interwoven with that of this land. Explore a diverse world of intrigue and wonder, traveling beyond the ruins that litter the desert sands into a flourishing valley filled with life. Assisted by the unique characters from the Omnimorph lore, navigate this realm and venture beyond the Life Tree to find the one-eyed King Din. Your path will become clear as you begin to reveal the source of the darkness, but are you strong enough to overcome the obstacles that lay before you?

Front Row Seats For The Launch

We hope the teasers got you in the mood to jump right into the Sandbox game and find all the easter eggs and live through the experiences set in the Omnimorphs universe!

The Sandbox platform is currently in the alpha phase, but we’re in an extremely fortunate position to have started building early on. As a result, our experiences will likely be playable before the official launch, perhaps as soon as a subsequent Alpha Season…

Voxel Item Sale

Before we get there, there is a significant milestone: Echoes from the Void Sandbox voxel item sale.

Throughout the development process, we’ve made lots of custom game assets — special thanks to the Polygonal Mind development team! These assets could save time for other creators in their developments and unique game collectibles, excluding the Sandbox Avatars, which are only obtainable through the interlinked Omnimorphs NFTs.

Echoes from the Void — Voxel item sale

The Voxel item sale will take place on the 29th of September, 2022, on the official Sandbox site.

Interoperable & Universal Avatars

We’re getting closer to having our universal, playable avatars in an open-source format called VRM ready. This format is supported by many present and future metaverses and games. A few example platforms currently supporting VRM models are Webaverse, VRChat, Monaverse, and Somnium Space.

VRM Avatar example

Despite many examples within the web3 space, we will not have any additional drop of that 3D format. The VRM and the Sandbox Voxel format will be interlinked to the original Omnimorphs collection and will not have any extra cost.

Avatar types are linked to the original Omnimorphs collection

Avatars are being made by the CryptoAvatars art team and will be available to holders through a decentralized database on their platform.