6 May — Art Book Update, Soul Shard Marketplace Update, OmniTotem Banner Art

3 min readMay 6, 2022

We’ve recently broken the bi-weekly format of these updates since there were some pretty big changes regarding the structure and project directions for Omnimorphs.

For more info, check out our journey article, as well as the below infographic.

Now for what’s cooking…

Art Book Update

As a recap, we’ve set a long-term goal for the project which is to create an immersive art book with stories developed through the OmniLore story-building initiative and illustrations by Daniel Taylor and other potential guest artists.

This is a huge undertaking that is unique in the NFT space to date. Today, we wanted to share with you some approximate numbers on the scale of this project.

Looking at art books as references by the likes of Simon Stålenhag, we determined that the Omnimorphs Art Book would need to have 20–25 chapters in total, which includes 20–30 original illustrations in total.

With the pace of one illustration every 2 weeks (which is what we’ll aim for), that is a little short of a year.

This pace can be somewhat increased through guest artists, who can work concurrently.

This is a lot of time, by NFT standards, but it is also something that has not been done before and is a unique opportunity to create an IP that expands beyond the crypto and NFT worlds.

Also, the process of creating the artbook will be gamified and there will be incentives for collectors along the way such as:

Also, our new website will include an immersive lore section, where the stories will be featured together, even before the Omnimorphs Art Book is produced.

Soul Shard Marketplace Update

We’re in the process of developing the Soul Shard Marketplace smart contract and website.

Through these, Soul Shard holders will be able to purchase the Art Book illustrations as limited edition NFTs.

The smart contracts for this utility are already developed, and we’re aiming to auction the first illustration as early as the week of 16 May.

Soul Shards are obtainable through OmniFusion.

OmniTotem Banner Art

Daniel is currently in the process of extending the OmniTotem backgrounds to have Twitter banner image dimensions.

As it stands now, these will be made available for holders to use on the week of 16 May.

There’ll be some activities and giveaways organized around this release too…