OmniFusion Rulebook

The system

  • One existing Omnimorph token can only be fused with exactly 1 burned token, so no endless stacking of rare traits.
  • A total of 6 trait slots are available to transfer. Some traits take up 2 slots (for example background symbols in some occasions)
  • To test out your Fusion plans, you can try out our interface here:
  • Although it’s almost impossible to happen, but we won’t allow two identical Omnimorphs to be fused. There will be an explicit de-duplication logic in place.

Ancient Sets

#2933 — Ancient Set: Spirit

Ambient Sets

  • Holders will be free to fuse Ambient Sets as they please
  • Ambient Sets created through fusion will have slightly different visuals (less saturated)
  • The metadata entry for these sets will also be different, for instance: Ambient Set: Stripes Fused
OG vs. Fused | Ambient Sets

Mask pieces

  • Creating sets is more of a strategic endeavor
  • 8/8 sets will still be quite rare
  • Effects on the rarity distribution are slightly less severe
  • More is preserved of the collection’s original visual diversity
Mask shape + color coupled
Mask shape + color decoupled (invalid)

Mask sets

  • Mask (shape) Set
  • Mask Color Set
  • Mask Color Sets differentiate themselves visually by the matching color schemes.
  • Mask (shape) Sets will have a mild glow to highlight their uniqueness.
  • 8/8 sets will have a much more vivid effect, as these are significantly harder to create.
4/4 Mask (shape) Set effect
Every mask has a unique extended mask effect when all 4 mask pieces are fused in matching colours. (aka 8/8)
Masks Wiki


  • Background
  • Background Pattern
  • Background Symbol
  • Background Symbol Color
#35 — Clouds Background
#8319 — Portal Background Symbol


  • Clothes
  • Clothes Color
  • Clothes Pattern
#4256 — Pink Punk Clothes




Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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