OmniFusion Rulebook

4 min readSep 23, 2021

In the past few days, we have successfully resolved all the upstanding issues regarding the implementation details of the fusion mechanic!

This article will contain the exact specifications of how fusion will be implemented!

This article will require the reader to be familiar with the trait system to some extent.

Let’s begin!

The system

As we mentioned many times before, we want fusion to be a hard, but potentially satisfying decision to make for holders. Or simply a sentimental one, creating an Omni that you love, regardless of rarity.

For this, we will implement the following system:

  • One existing Omnimorph token can only be fused with exactly 1 burned token, so no endless stacking of rare traits.
  • A total of 6 trait slots are available to transfer. Some traits take up 2 slots (for example background symbols in some occasions)
  • To test out your Fusion plans, you can try out our interface here:
  • Although it’s almost impossible to happen, but we won’t allow two identical Omnimorphs to be fused. There will be an explicit de-duplication logic in place.

Ancient Sets

As we said in a previous post, Ancients Sets will be impossible to create with fusion.

The way they were generated is that full mask sets were stripped of their color traits and given a “special” color, one per mask set. Therefore, by the same logic, they would be extremely easy to create through fusion, and that is the exact opposite of our intentions.

Fusion will modify the rarity distribution of the collection largely, but we want these pieces from the original, unfused collection to always stand out in terms of rarity — hence the name ancient.

#2933 — Ancient Set: Spirit

Ambient Sets

Ambient Sets were a hard nut to crack, as currently there are very few of them, but they will be very easy to create with fusion.

The solution we introduced to this issue is as follows:

  • Holders will be free to fuse Ambient Sets as they please
  • Ambient Sets created through fusion will have slightly different visuals (less saturated)
  • The metadata entry for these sets will also be different, for instance: Ambient Set: Stripes Fused

This will allow us not to limit the transfer of clothes and background pattern traits, while at the same time keeping the rarities of the original Ambient Sets intact.

OG vs. Fused | Ambient Sets

Mask pieces

Mask pieces will only be transferrable as a whole, meaning, color + shape together.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Creating sets is more of a strategic endeavor
  • 8/8 sets will still be quite rare
  • Effects on the rarity distribution are slightly less severe
  • More is preserved of the collection’s original visual diversity

Two images below that illustrate this:

Mask shape + color coupled
Mask shape + color decoupled (invalid)

Needless to say, there is no limit on the transfer of the Eyes and Body trait.

Mask sets

There are two types of mask sets in the Omnimorphs collection:

  • Mask (shape) Set
  • Mask Color Set

Holders will be able to create both sets with fusion. Also, so-called 8/8 sets, which are a Mask (shape) Set and Mask Color Set together.

  • Mask Color Sets differentiate themselves visually by the matching color schemes.
  • Mask (shape) Sets will have a mild glow to highlight their uniqueness.
  • 8/8 sets will have a much more vivid effect, as these are significantly harder to create.
4/4 Mask (shape) Set effect
Every mask has a unique extended mask effect when all 4 mask pieces are fused in matching colours. (aka 8/8)
Masks Wiki


On the Omnimorphs generated artworks, the background consists of max. 4 separate traits:

  • Background
  • Background Pattern
  • Background Symbol
  • Background Symbol Color

All of these traits are separately transferrable.

Note, that rarer Backgrounds (Space, Clouds, etc.) don’t have separate Background Pattern attributes. Transferring these rare Backgrounds onto an Omnimorph token will therefore void the existing Background Pattern trait on it.

#35 — Clouds Background

For Background Symbols, the Basic symbol, and the two rarest ones (Portal and Gateways) don’t have Background Symbol Color attributes, therefore the same applies to these.

#8319 — Portal Background Symbol


Clothes consist of 3 separate traits:

  • Clothes
  • Clothes Color
  • Clothes Pattern

As with the background, these traits are separately transferrable as well.

Note, that rarer Clothes don’t have separate Clothes Color and Clothes Pattern attributes. Transferring these rare Clothes onto an Omnimorph will therefore void existing Clothes Color and Clothes Pattern traits on it.

#4256 — Pink Punk Clothes

If you have any questions regarding the above or anything else, do let us know on Discord!




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