OmniFusion Roadmap Update #1

4 min readSep 20, 2021

In the past few days, we were humbled by seeing how excited our community is about fusing their Omnimorphs!

The whole fusion idea is, after all, a way for our holders to customize their tokens to their liking!

There are, however, some differing opinions about some implementation details. In this article, we wish to describe in detail such debated points, highlight pros and cons for each, and create a decision framework that will help us and the community choose what’s best for individual holders as well as the collection itself. We’ll also let you know the teams’ stance on these matters and our considerations.

Ancient Masks and their role in the fusion

While we did not specify this explicitly before the reveal (ancient masks themselves were a “surprise”), we never intended ancient masks to be possible to create through fusion.

The way they were generated is that full mask sets were stripped of their color traits and given a “special” color, one per mask set. Therefore, by the same logic, they would be extremely easy to create through fusion, and that is the exact opposite of our intentions.

Fusion will modify the rarity distribution of the collection largely, but we want these pieces from the original, unfused collection to always stand out in terms of rarity — hence the name ancient.

Also, logic dictates, that by definition, you cannot create “ancient” things in modern day.

That said, new traits can be added to ancients through fusion, but their masks have to stay intact.

4/4 and 8/8 sets created through fusion will have visuals that will make them stand out, but they will not be ancient sets.

Mask pieces and colors

One of the most debated implementation detail is whether mask pieces and colors are linked, ie., whether you can transfer only the color of a mask piece, or you need to take the whole piece as one in the fusion.

While we are aware that the original article left room for conjecture as to which is the correct interpretation of the mechanic, our intention was that mask pieces could only be moved as one, so color and shape together. This was also how we illustrated the mechanic in our original roadmap article.

However, we do not want to go completely against the community’s wishes in this regard, so we’ll simply outline our consideration below, and afterward, we’ll put this to a vote in the Omnimorphs DAO that we’ll be setting up today.

In a DAO, everyone’s vote counts in proportion to the number of tokens they hold.

Our considerations are as follows:

Pros for linking mask piece shape + color:

  • Initial randomness of the distribution is more limiting, therefore more is preserved of the collection’s original diversity
  • Shopping for fusion becomes a much more strategic endeavor
  • As a result, the values of individual tokens are more affected by the prospect of fusion
  • Effects of fusion on the rarity distribution are more predictable

Pros for decoupling mask piece shape + color:

  • More room for people to experiment and build their favorite combinations
  • Easier to build at least 4/4 sets
  • There will probably be more aesthetically pleasing tokens (but probably, more homogenous too, on average)

The sum up the above, our interpretation is that while decoupling mask piece + color in the fusion would perhaps please more individual holders in the short term, it might not serve the best interest of the collection in the mid/long term.

Having many 4/4 and 8/8 sets will largely decrease the value of these, while at the same time taking away from the diversity of the collection itself.

That being said, at this point these tokens are not ours but are the possessions of our beloved community, so we will roll with whatever decision they make!

Ambient sets

Ambient sets are also interesting because while there is currently not a lot of them, they are extremely easy to create with fusion.

While we do not intend to create any artificial limitations for creating these, these have the most potential to lose value with fusion, if there will be too much of them.

Just something to consider for making the most educated decision regarding what to fuse.

Number of traits transferrable through fusion

This is also a very important consideration. As we mentioned many times before, we want fusion to be a hard, but potentially satisfying decision to make for holders. Or simply a sentimental one, creating an Omni that you love, regardless of rarity.

For this, we propose a system, which would go like this:

  • One existing Omnimorph token can only be fused with exactly 1 burned token, so no endless stacking of rare traits.
  • A total of 6 trait slots are available to transfer. Some traits take up 2 slots (for example background symbols in some occasions)
  • To test out your Fusion plans, you can try out our interface here:
  • Although it’s almost impossible to happen, but we won’t allow two identical Omnimorphs to be fused. There will be an explicit de-duplication logic in place.

We’ll monitor the response from our community to this proposal and tweak it or put it to a vote if we won’t sense a good enough consensus in the matter. As we see it, there has to be some sort of limitation on the number of traits that can be fused, and we feel this is would be a great and also fair way to do it.

Our goal is to finalize all details this week, so we can proceed with the implementation!