The Ultimate Omnimorphs Fusion Guide by Sickwidit

What exactly is FUSION?

Example of Perfect Discipline Mask Set
Examples of all 7 Perfect Mask Sets in Maroon color
Examples of Perfect Joy Sets in all 7 colors
Example of a Spirit Full Mask Set, all 4 Mask parts are of Spirit type and the Face and Top Ornament are Maroon color, we call this a 6/8
Example of a Perfect Mask Set or 8/8 Spirit. All parts are Spirit and all parts are Sakura color, besides the mild glow each 8/8 has a special visual as well
Examples of both OG and Fused Botanical Sets
Omni #8048 is currently rank 40. 8/8 Neon Spirit Mask + Fused Ambient with Sacrificial Robe + Nebula + Companion Eyes
Omni #3120 is currently rank 38. 8/8 Sakura Wisdom Mask + Elegant Kimono + Pulsar + Teal Background. As mentioned above, some Omnis are high ranked because of simplicity. This Omnis has only 15 traits which is the rarest type of Fusion for 8/8s right now.
Omni #4657 is currently rank 42. 6/8 Wisdom + Ambient Tiles Set + Constellation
Omni #6475 is currently rank 700. One of the iconic Cloud Fusions, rank was not a priority in this case but instead the aesthetics were.
Omni #1312 is currently rank 75. Color Mask Set + Ambient Set + Holo-Glasses
Omni #1405 is currently rank 173. 8/8 Sakura Purity + Teen Punk + Nebula + Companion Eyes
Omni #9235 is currently rank 328. Color Mask Set + OG Ambient Set
Omni #9615 is currently rank 254. 7/8 Monochrome Purity Mask + Teen Punk
Omni #528 is currently rank 817. Pure Monochrome vibe Omni
Omni #1565 is currently rank 742. Gold Mask Set + Leopard Fur Coat + Metropolis background



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