The Ultimate Omnimorphs Fusion Guide by Sickwidit

11 min readJun 2, 2022


Welcome Omnis to our Fusion Guide where we will explain everything about Fusion and provide you with tips and tricks on how to approach this novel mechanic.

Before we begin our guide we would like to give this piece of advice for anyone that attempts to do FUSION:

Fusion alters the entire aesthetic of the collection permanently and at the same time, it destroys one of your Omnimorph NFTs. As a result, we encourage everyone that attempts to do a FUSION to research the resources available and understand the mechanics behind it. It will take you a few days or maybe a week but it will save you time if you do your due diligence.

That being said, let's begin!

What exactly is FUSION?

FUSION is a novel mechanic that gives Omni holders the utility to fuse together 2 Omnimorph NFTs and select the best traits from both and combine them into 1 personalized Omnimorph.

The original collection had 10000 NFTs. As of right now, there are only 9078 left due to one of the NFTs being burned during the process. Theoretically, the minimum number of Omnimorphs is 5000 but we don’t expect we’ll ever go that low.

I just found Omnimorphs, can I still do Fusion?

Yes, you can. Right now there is no end date for Fusion. This might be subject to change in the future though.

Can I Fuse an Omnimorph more than once?

NO. You cannot Fuse an Omnimorph multiple times and stack rare traits. On OpenSea, each Omnimorph has either the “Genesis” or “Fused” property. Genesis means the Omnimorph has not been fused yet and is available for Fusion. Fused means the Omnimorph has already been fused and cannot be fused again.

HOT TIP: Before you buy an Omnimorph refresh the metadata on OpenSea, some Omnis might not have been refreshed and don’t show up as Genesis or Fused.

How does FUSION work and how can I fuse?

For Fusion you need 2 Omnimorphs. The FUSE Omni and the BURN Omni. The FUSE Omni is the Omni that you decide to customize with up to 6 traits taken from the BURN Omni.

After you are happy with the selection of traits and begin Fusion two things will happen:

1. The FUSE Omni will inherit all the selected traits from the BURN Omni and become the FUSED Omni (your personalized Omnimorphs)

2. The BURN Omni gets burnt forever and you automatically receive a Soul Shard in your wallet (more on this later)

All you need to do now is refresh the metadata on OpenSea and you will be able to see your new Fused Omni. Congratulations, you just did your first FUSION!!!

Using our test interface you can test out all the combinations you want.

Let’s see how Fusion works. In the example below we used Omnis #7090 + Omni #6832. We decided to transfer the Cyber Hoodie (VERY rare) and two mask parts (Top Ornament+Side Ornament) so the Fused Omni has all mask parts of the same AQUA color.

The end result is a stunning Grid background + Cyber Hoodie + Full Aqua Mask with Yellow Lucid eyes and Starburst Body. Truly one of the most unique Omnimorphs in the entire collection.

I love it! How do I figure out what Omnis to fuse?

Omnimorphs + Fusion create a truly unique collection because it gives the holders the ability to make their own personalized Omni. But figuring out which two Omnis fuse well together is no easy task. The Omnimorphs collection is more complex than it may first appear so we need to learn about the basics first.

The most important thing to learn about first is The MASK.

What is the Omnimorph Mask composed of?

The Omnimorphs Mask is made out of 4 parts: Face, Jaw, Side Ornament, Top Ornament.

Example of Perfect Discipline Mask Set

There are also 7 different Mask Sets.

What is a Mask Set?

A Mask Set is when all 4 parts of the Mask are of the same type. There are 7 types of masks in the collection: Joy, Discipline, Grace, Humility, Purity, Wisdom, and Spirit.

Examples of all 7 Perfect Mask Sets in Maroon color

The examples above showcase Perfect Mask Sets. A Perfect Mask or (8/8) is when all 4 Mask parts are of the same type + all 4 parts are of the same color. These Masks (8/8) can only be achieved through Fusion. They are some of the hardest to achieve and most rare Fusions in the collection.

We also have 7 distinct colors for the mask parts.

Examples of Perfect Joy Sets in all 7 colors

As you can see, the more Mask parts of the same type an Omni has the rarer it is. When those mask parts are all of the same color as well you have an even rarer Omni.

Most Genesis Omnis don’t have a lot of matching Mask parts and of the same color. This is where Fusion comes along and helps you combine 2 Omnis in the attempt to make a Mask Set (all mask parts are of the same type but of different colors), Perfect Mask Set (all Mask parts of the same type and color) or a Color Set (Mask parts of different types but all of the same color) or whatever you choose to do. Fusion can help you create really rare Omnis or very aesthetically pleasing Omnis, you decide.

What are mask effects?

As a reward and to differentiate Omnis that correctly fuse together a Mask Set there are two types of visuals you can obtain:

1. Full Mask Sets are Fusions in which all 4 Mask parts are of the same type (Joy, Discipline, Grace, Humility, Purity, Wisdom and Spirit) but not all are of the same color. These Fusions have a mild glow to highlight their uniqueness.

Example of a Spirit Full Mask Set, all 4 Mask parts are of Spirit type and the Face and Top Ornament are Maroon color, we call this a 6/8

2. Perfect Mask Sets are Fusions in which all 4 Mask parts are of the same type and all 4 parts are the same color. They are also called 8/8 sets and they have a much more vivid effect, as these are significantly harder to create.

Example of a Perfect Mask Set or 8/8 Spirit. All parts are Spirit and all parts are Sakura color, besides the mild glow each 8/8 has a special visual as well

Oh… and one more thing about Masks…


Ancients are the most unique Omnimorphs in the entire collection. Each Ancient has a different color palette to distinguish them from the other Omnimorphs.

They cannot be created through Fusion. Generating them was only available during the minting process.

Fun fact 1: there are only 2 Ancient Grace Omnis in the entire collection.

Fun fact 2: our distinguished holder Goltra has 1 of each Ancient

This sums up everything there is to the Mask itself. Let’s move on to other properties…

Body and Eyes

The Body is the mysterious substance that gives the Omnimorphs their ethereal shape. They are astral beings hence the cosmological references.


When it comes to clothing, Omnimorphs really have a taste for fashion.

There are 2 types of clothing: Regular and Special clothing.

Regular clothing has 2 properties (type of clothing + color). During Fusion one can choose to transfer one of both traits, either the type of clothes or only the color of the clothes.

Special clothing on the other hand has only 1 property and can only be transferred during Fusion as a whole. The special clothes are rarer and more unique.

Even though Special clothes are rarer and therefore would be great to use when trying to make a high-rank Fusion, regular clothes can be used to make an Ambient Set

What is an Ambient Set?

Ambient sets are when the pattern on the regular clothes matches the pattern of the background.

Examples of both OG and Fused Botanical Sets

ORIGINAL Ambient Sets cannot be created through Fusion. Same as with the Ancients, OG Ambient Sets could only be created during the minting process. There are very few Original Ambient Sets out there.

On the other hand, anyone can create a Fused Ambient Set. Ambient Sets created through Fusion have slightly different visuals (less saturated).

There are a total of 5 different Ambient Sets: Botanical, Feathers, Reaction-Diffusion, Tiles, and Stripes.

Special Backgrounds

Besides the regular background colors, we also have some more iconic backgrounds.

There are 4 in total: The Grid, Metropolis, Clouds, and Space.

Background Symbols

Last but not least the background Symbols which come in 2 types

1. Regular symbols have 2 properties and come in 2 colors: Rose Gold or Gold. During Fusion one can choose to transfer the shape, the color, or both traits.

2. High Symbols on the other hand have only 1 trait.

This sums up all the different properties the Omnimorphs collection has. Using all of these properties holders can attempt to personalize their Fused Omni and truly create something special and unique.

In the beginning, you mentioned something about a Soul Shard, what is that?

During Fusion, the BURNT Omnimorph is automatically converted into a Soul Shard (think of it as the essence of the burnt Omnimorph) and you receive this NFT into your wallet. The Soul Shard acts as a token that allows you to participate in the OmniLore Artwork Auctions and be able to bid and win them.

Another way to obtain a Soul Shard is by directly purchasing it from OpenSea. All Soul Shards are the same even if you are buying someone else’s Soul Shard.

Only buy Soul Shards from this verified link:

How to buy an Omni?

If you like an Omnimorph but have no plans to use Fusion, this does not apply to you. Get the one you desire most and treasure it as it is, they are all wonderful in our opinion.

For those that want to use Fusion, there are a few steps for you to consider before jumping in with your wallet.

1. Familiarize yourself with everything written in this article.

2. Make sure to understand the Mask properties. The 7 Mask types and 7 Mask colors (the Mask is the biggest differentiator when it comes to ranks if you want to get the highest rank possible you need to learn how to fuse an 8/8 or closest thing to it such as a 7/8 or 6/8 and Ambients.

3. Make sure to refresh the metadata on OpenSea and double-check the Omni to see if it has the “Genesis” property (which means the Omni has not been fused yet)

4. Browse through the Fusions that have already been made for inspiration, you can find them here.

5. After you have an idea of what you like you need to pick your base Omni and test it out on the Fusion Interface. We encourage you to check among the floor Omnis on OpenSea and try to find Omnis that have good starting stats. For example, Omnis that have: 2 mask parts of the same type and of the same color are an excellent start, or an Omni with rare clothes + 2 mask parts of the same color. If you are not sure ask in Discord. Someone will help you.

6. Use this base Omni in the Fusion Interface and search for other Omnis to test what fusions you can do with it. Try and see if you can get an 8/8, 7/8, 6/8, Ambient sets, rare backgrounds, rare clothes, or just pure vibe Omnis that are monotone but have great aesthetics.

7. Take your time and narrow down a few options you like and ask for feedback on Discord if you have trouble deciding on what’s the best option.

8. Because Fusion requires 2 Omnis, it’s best when both are available for sale. If only one is for sale but you really want to fuse with an Omni that is not yet available you can try to find the owner on Discord/Twitter and make a deal or place a bid on Opensea and hope it gets accepted.

9. If you can’t get both Omnis for Fusion you need to be ready to change your mind about what Fusion you want to go for. This can be really tough since Fusion is something very personal. The alternative is to buy the Omni that is available and hold it until the owner of the 2nd Omni decides to list it at which point you can do your desired Fusion.

10. If you’ve done your research, found the perfect 2 Omnis, and they are both available to buy, you can begin your Fusion.

11. For those that are determined to get the highest rank possible with Fusion there are still some things you need to know that can help you get a better score.

12. Stacking as many traits as possible is not always the best way to get the best score possible. Sometimes having fewer traits is rarer in fact.

13. Our Fusion ranking is updated every few weeks so you will have to wait until the next update to find out the exact ranking your Fusion has, but you can estimate based on the already done Fusions where you will place.

14. Rankings are ever-changing but rare traits such as Special Clothes/Background will always be rare and will gain in rank the more Fusions are done.

15. We encourage you to be active in Discord and ask for feedback and help with your Fusions, there are plenty of people that will offer a hand and good advice.

Great Fusions make Omnimorphs a Great collection. FUSE YOUR WAY UP!

Thank you for reading the article and wish you the best of luck in finding Omnis for your perfect Fusion.


Below are a few examples of some high-rank Fusions and some of lower rank but of pure vibes.

Omni #8048 is currently rank 40. 8/8 Neon Spirit Mask + Fused Ambient with Sacrificial Robe + Nebula + Companion Eyes
Omni #3120 is currently rank 38. 8/8 Sakura Wisdom Mask + Elegant Kimono + Pulsar + Teal Background. As mentioned above, some Omnis are high ranked because of simplicity. This Omnis has only 15 traits which is the rarest type of Fusion for 8/8s right now.
Omni #4657 is currently rank 42. 6/8 Wisdom + Ambient Tiles Set + Constellation
Omni #6475 is currently rank 700. One of the iconic Cloud Fusions, rank was not a priority in this case but instead the aesthetics were.
Omni #1312 is currently rank 75. Color Mask Set + Ambient Set + Holo-Glasses
Omni #1405 is currently rank 173. 8/8 Sakura Purity + Teen Punk + Nebula + Companion Eyes
Omni #9235 is currently rank 328. Color Mask Set + OG Ambient Set
Omni #9615 is currently rank 254. 7/8 Monochrome Purity Mask + Teen Punk
Omni #528 is currently rank 817. Pure Monochrome vibe Omni
Omni #1565 is currently rank 742. Gold Mask Set + Leopard Fur Coat + Metropolis background

If you got this far, chances are you’re properly equipped to find your best fusion!

So good luck & have fun!