OmniTotems by Omnimorphs

OmniTotems — Intro and Claiming Guide

What they are?

OmniTotems are a collection of beautiful, ornamental, generative NFT artworks digitally hand-drawn by Daniel Taylor.

How to claim them?

Totems will be freely claimable by Omnimorph holders (only paying network fees).

Technical specs

  • Totems are standard ERC721 tokens.
  • Claiming will be possible from our website, and over etherscan too (for advanced users).
  • There will be 10K claimable totems, 1 for each Omnimorph.
  • Batch claiming will be possible, however, gas fees are paid on a / totem basis (standard ERC721 minting).
  • Minting starts 26 November
  • Artworks won't be revealed until 29–30 November. Holders who mint after that, however, will see their totems instantly revealed after minting.
  • The Claim window is TBD, we’re currently having DAO votes to determine the window: one vote to determine whether the claim window should be definite or indefinite, and another to determine the exact window.
  • The reason that we chose the ETH chain for the tokens is that we basically don’t want to eliminate the possibility of building blockchain features in the future, that would integrate with both contracts.
  • Verified Smart Contract:

Claiming Guide

1, Navigate to
OmniTotems minting
OmniTotems minting — success

How to save on gas

Since gas prices on Ethereum are pretty crazy right now, we feel that we must highlight a few tips on how to ensure that you’ll pay as little gas as possible for claiming your totems.

Wait until gas prices settle

Since we’ll have a longer window for claiming, there’s no use in FOMOing in when gas prices are raging. Instead, wait out a great, low-gas moment to submit your transaction.

Launch the transaction with manually set gas prices (advanced users only)

How Ethereum works, is that the network processes transactions that have high enough transaction fees (gas fees) set for them for the level of network activity at any given moment. During high network activity, fees are higher, while in more vacant hours, fees get lower.



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