Omnimorphs — Our vision for 2022

7 min readJan 14, 2022

The past couple of months have been really intense and exciting for our project and we have learned a lot about art, crypto, NFTs, communities, and a lot of other things.

First and foremost, we would love to thank all our supporters who inspired us, with their comments, ideas, and sometimes criticism, to formulate a vision about what we would like the Omnimorphs collection and community to represent in the wider NFT space.

The article’s quite long, so feel free to skip to the part that interests you, but we recommend reading through it all to get a sense of where our ideas are coming from.

Being a non-meme NFT collectible
The Omnimorphs Art Collective
The values that we share
The practical steps
- Exploring meaningful partnerships
- Metaverse development
- Building the Omnimorphs Fictional Universe
- Providing utility for our existing tokens

Being a non-meme NFT collectible

Back in spring 2021 when we started to explore the possibility of creating an NFT collection, we obviously considered a bunch of meme/cute themes, as at the time, and perhaps even still, that was/is the zeitgeist of the NFT space.

However, we all felt that this direction is foreign to us and does not at all fit the artistic style of our artist, Daniel Taylor.

So instead of following trends, we chose to follow our own instincts and cultural preferences and came up with something really dark, weird, and artistic, that is the Omnimorphs collection.

Obviously, this also meant, that we choose the hard way since while meme NFTs are easier to “get” and by their nature they’re integrative and provide lighthearted fun that anyone can be a part of easily, the avenues to recognition are far less developed for darker, more artistically-themed collectibles.

As a result, a community that revolves around such a collection perhaps needs better guidelines and a more concrete set of shared values, since it cannot piggyback on the inherent integrativeness of meme culture that is and was prevalent on the internet long before NFTs.

However, art itself can be a powerful collective experience…

The Omnimorphs Art Collective

Omnimorphs Art Collective is our answer to the situation described above. We’re really proud and happy that our core community is comprised of art lovers, anime fans, escapists (in the best possible sense), and generally people with whom we share interests and tastes. To us, it proves that the Omnimorphs collection is, artistically and culturally, exactly what we intended it to be.

The Omnimorphs Art Collective is a pledge on our part, where we commit to doing our absolute best over the course of this year to strengthen our standing in the NFT art world and beyond, create new relationships and deepen existing ones while making sure that Omnimorph holders are in for an amazing experience.

Our vision is to transform into a revolutionary art collective spanning the metaverse and beyond.

The values that we share

Love of art — from inception, the love of art seems to be the most powerful cohesive force in our community and this is something that we want to embrace and build on!

Curiosity — it’s probably safe to say that everyone that is a part of this nascent industry, as a creator, collector, or in any other capacity is a curious person in the best possible sense of the word. We want to take this a notch further and be a collective of individuals that are always seeking the next thing, always exploring possibilities, and are always hungry for novel ideas.

Support others — as a community, we should always seek to help each other out, whether it’s a fellow artist you support by sharing or buying their work, or just helping someone who is asking for advice on a topic you’re better versed in. A little kindness goes a long way!

The practical steps

We would also like to share with you all some of the main items on our agenda for the coming months that will kickstart our efforts for achieving the vision laid out above.

Exploring meaningful partnerships

A very important aspect of us becoming the kind of art collective that’s deeply integrated into the NFT art world is building strategic relationships in the space and also “IRL”.

The merit of such partnerships is twofold. It raises awareness for Omnimorphs while also providing opportunities to members of our community to obtain exclusive items that are not necessarily fully Omnimorphs themed but are created by brands or artists in their own unique style and represent their own visions. We will obviously try to seek out partners whose values are in line with ours’.

Think of Bored Ape’s collab with Adidas…

A few directions we’re considering:

  • Partnerships with fashion brands seeking to enter the NFT space
  • Partnerships with IRL brands seeking to represent themselves in the metaverse
  • Partnerships with established artists, through curated drops, exhibitions, etc.
  • Partnerships with emerging artists that are new to NFTs but show great potential

Metaverse development

The metaverse offers great opportunities for what we’re trying to achieve with Omnimorphs. We are proud to be Premium Partners of the Sandbox (another great example of a meaningful partnership).

Together with our metaverse development partners, Polygonal Mind we will strive to build breathtaking experiences in the Sandbox.

Our goals within the Sandbox metaverse are the following:

  • Create a hub for our community to get together and hang out, take part in treasure hunts and other social activities
  • Add utility to our NFTs by creating playable avatars from Omnimorphs
  • Introduce holder-only voxel items which you can use on your own land or as a wearable on your character
  • Expand our lore through an interactive, story-driven gaming experience

We have already started developing universal, playable avatars in an open-source format called VRM that is and will be supported by many present and future metaverses and games.

A few example platforms currently supporting VRM models are Decentraland, VRChat, and Somnium Space.

Avatars will be made available to holders through a decentralized database by CryptoAvatars.

Playable 3D Omnimorphs Avatar

Avatars for the Sandbox are also in the works…

Omnimorph Avatars in The Sandbox

Building the Omnimorphs Fictional Universe

Another area where we’d like to focus our efforts is expanding the Omnimorphs lore into a coherent fictional universe. While in the near future we will likely be preoccupied with partnerships and metaverse, our longer-term plan is to produce captivating narrative content set in the world of Omnimorphs.

We will, however, kickstart our world-building efforts by starting a collective story-building experiment where our community will be consulted in establishing the foundations of a canonical Omnimorphs storyline, in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style arrangement connected to a DAO-like voting system.

Example chapters from our OmniLore DAO story-building experiment:

Providing utility for our existing tokens

As some of you may know, the Omnimorphs collection consists of 3 different types of NFTs to date:

  • Omnimorph NFTs — The original collection
  • OmniTotem NFTs — Claimable collection of totems that focuses on expanding the lore
  • Omnimorph Soul Shard NFTs — Soul Shard is something that Omnimorph holders receive if they participate in OmniFusion, our novel mechanic for creating a customized avatar out of two Omnimorph NFTs

Since this is already quite a lot, in the immediate future we do not wish to issue new Omnimorphs-themed tokens or NFTs just for the sake of creating the illusion of progress.

We will instead strive to use these existing tokens as keys for obtaining highly exclusive collector’s items and NFTs through the partnerships that we are planning to create.

As an example, we have just recently raffled out 10 Sandbox Alpha Season 2 Passes amongst holders of our NFTs.

In the longer run, if we succeed in establishing ourselves as the revolutionary art collective that we want, all of these existing NFTs will have a place in the Omnimorphs Fictional Universe that will be developed in the meantime.

If some of the above caught your attention, you have some questions, or simply would like to know more, do join us on Discord!