Omnimorphs - Journey Proposal 2022

  • Make Omnimorphs come to life in the metaverse
  • Develop amazing lore for the project and turn it into a legitimate sci-fi/fantasy IP
  • Build relationships and partnerships in the space and beyond
  • Provide utility to existing Omnimorph NFTs (Omnimorphs, Soul Shards, Totems)

A tangible long term goal for Omnimorphs

Mockup of how we imagine the artbook

Omnimorphs utility

  • Freely claim OmniTotems
  • Create Soul Shards through OmniFusion
  • Enter future whitelist giveaways and airdrops
  • Access 3D metaverse avatars

Soul Shard utility

OmniTotems utility

  • Voting rights in the OmniLore story-building initiative
  • Through participation, totem holders stand to win limited edition artworks and other prizes. For example, holders recently had a chance to win a Sandbox Season 2 Alpha Pass
  • A unique, limited edition artwork for each OmniLore chapter will be minted and we’ll raffle out at least 1 edition of the limited artworks amongst those who vote with their totems
  • As a small aesthetic perk, we will create Twitter-banner sized versions of all minted totems
  • The most important perk comes at the end of this article…

Community Council

  • Regular meetings with the team
  • Communicate recent developments to the community
  • Bring forward to the team ideas and concepts that are being discussed in the community so no great ideas get lost or neglected

Art Collective — filled up with substance

Metaverse Development

  • Universal 3D metaverse avatars created from Omnimorph NFTs
  • 4 lands of Sandbox experiences are being developed enriching the Omnimorphs lore visually and narratively and we can hardly wait to share it with you!
Omnimorphs in Decentraland
Omnimorphs in the Sandbox

Introducing Necromorphs



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