Metaverse Update

We’d like to give everyone a short update on what we’ve been up to on the metaverse front since the start of the new year!

You can also find a fresh sneak peek below on what’s being done.

Let’s start with the coolest news of all…

We received funding from the Sandbox Game Maker Fund

We are honored to have received funding from the Sandbox Game Maker Fund to develop a truly world-class Omnimorphs experience inside the game together with our development partners, Polygonal Mind.

The funding is for the development of the following experiences:

Social Hub (2 lands)

We are developing a huge social space for Omnimorph holders and also the general public on 2 lands.

The environment on both of these lands will be based on the grandiose, otherworldly structures found in the earlier works of the Omnimorphs artist, Daniel Taylor.

One of the two lands will feature the Omnimorph city Nul Kronos (working title, as of now). It is a city built in a realm beyond time and space (shall we call it the metaverse?!).

Work in progress shot of Nul Kronos
Reference image of the sculpture — “No Going Back” by Daniel Taylor

The city will be the main place for holders to get together, chat, have Townhall sessions and other events.

On the upper levels of the city, a majestic art gallery will be built, where we’ll organize NFT art exhibitions. We’d love to have works from our derivative contests featured here, but we’re also really excited about the possibility of “lending” this space to art galleries for exhibitions that we feel are in line with the spirit of the project.

On the other one of the two lands, we’ll have a mystical desert (no working title as of now). The landscape there too will be inspired by Daniel’s work but the role of this space will be more to get lost, explore the lore and atmosphere of Omnimorphs.

This area will also be great for organising treasure hunts and other kinds of social contests, with its many secrets and hidden areas.

Reference images for the mystical desert area

Gaming Experience (2 lands)

We will also have a gaming experience developed on 2 lands. As of now, we do not wish to divulge any details of this, as they are subject to a lot of change over time, as more and more features of the Sandbox Game Maker software are released to the public.

Sandbox land sale

As some of you might know, we have been accepted into the Sandbox Premium Partnership program a while back.

What that means is that we’ll receive publicity over Sandbox’s official channels.

Also, we did not buy our land (3x3) from the secondary market, but it will be assigned and sent to us in what they call a land sale event.

Well, this land sale event is finally here! It is to be live on 10 February.

We’re excited to get to know our neighbours and to have our land NFTs in our wallet!

By the way, during the event, some lands in the vicinity of projects featured in the land sale will be auctioned off. If you’re interested, check out the article by the Sandbox on the event.

Interoperable Avatars (Exploring)

We are exploring the possibility of creating interoperable avatars for different metaverse implementations for the Omnimorphs.

It’s still very early but we’ll share more info if and when the ideas solidify.

If you found some of what we laid out above exciting, do check out our article about the vision for the project for 2022.



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