2 March 2022 — Sandbox Alpha Passes, Interoperable Avatars, VoxEdit Contest, Concluded OmniLore Chapter 1

Here is the first bi-weekly status update for the Omnimorphs NFT project.

Sandbox Season 2 Alpha Passes for our holders

We have received a bunch of Alpha Passes from Sandbox for the alpha season 2 that we will be raffling out in our community over the course of the next couple of days/weeks.

Same as last time, players with Alpha Passes can be amongst the first people to try new experiences in the Sandbox platform, and also stand to earn 1000 $SAND each while playing!

Come to our Discord to find out how to get your hands on Sandbox Alpha Passes.

Interoperable metaverse avatars

Our development partners started working on interoperable metaverse avatars for Omnimorphs.

What that means, is that rigged, 3D models will be implemented for all existing Omnimorph NFTs in an open-source format called VRM that is currently supported by platforms like Decentraland, VRChat, Somnium Space, etc. In the future, many more platforms and games are expected to integrate this format — many in the industry speculate that this will in fact be the backbone of 3D interoperability in the wider metaverse and VR space.

To have these created for a project will add tremendous utility to the NFTs through bridging, which basically means, if you hold the original NFT, you’ll be able to use the 3D avatar on a given platform.

Decentraland and Sandbox will support this functionality, with many more to come.

All models will be stored in an open-source database hosted by CryptoAvatars, which makes it easy for holders to use the 3D versions of their NFTs in any way they wish — integrate them into games, art, videos, interactive experiences, AR, VR, and more!

Omnimorphs in Decentraland
Omnimorphs in Sandbox

Tools of Equilibrium VoxEdit contest nearing its deadline

The Tools of Equilibrium contest is one of the many awesome results of our partnership with Sandbox.

It is a voxel art contest with the objective of creating equipment in the style of Omnimorphs for the Sandbox metaverse.

We are also receiving considerable publicity in the Sandbox community. The Sandbox official channels are communicating about our project over the course of the contest.

If you’re a voxel artist, can still submit your work until 6 March, and have a chance to win some of the 50.000 $SAND prize pool!

OmniLore DAO — 1st chapter concluded

The first chapter of our collective story-building initiative was concluded!

The winning branch: Branch #3 — The Reaper’s Reflection

To know more about this initiative, check out the first article in the series.




Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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