17 March 2022 — New Website First Sneak Peek, Second Sandbox Land First Sneak Peeks, Universal Avatars Trait System

Here’s the latest bi-weekly status update from the Omnimorphs NFT art collectible project.

New Website First Sneak Peek

We are in the visual design phase of the development of our brand new website. Our goal is to have a site that does a world-class job at explaining our values, achievements, trait system, lore, etc. It is also extremely important that it conveys the mysterious atmosphere of Omnimorphs.

Website work in progress main page — text is placeholder

We like this visual direction a lot, what do you all think?

Second Sandbox Land First Sneak Peeks

We are currently developing our second land in the Sandbox, which will be a multiplayer experience. In contrast to our first hub, the Omni city Nul Khronos which will serve as a social space and art gallery, here our goal is to feature treasure hunts and other fun social questing activities, while also displaying bits of the Omnimorphs lore in voxel art.

The land will be full of easter eggs and hidden areas.

Omnimorphs — Our Second Sandbox Hub experience

Bonus question: can you guess the OmniTotem artifacts on the screenshots below?

Omnimorphs — artifacts

Universal Avatars Trait System

In our last update, we mentioned that fully rigged, universal 3D avatars are being created for every Omnimorph NFT. Our goal is to have these avatars integrated into as many games and metaverses as possible.

The trait system, however, will be tricky, as the background traits are huge parts of the visual appeal of the collection. Luckily, there is an easy way to translate these into a 3D avatar while also creating a fresh feel for these models.

We will be adding the background color and pattern to the trousers worn by the Omni avatars.

So, if you own an Omni with a striped orange background, your avatar will have striped orange trousers!

Also, keep in mind, that the 3D avatars will inherit the visual traits of the Omni NFTs, which is true also for the ones created with OmniFusion!

Omnimorphs #9787–2D and 3D avatar format

The background symbol will be added to the sides of the boots worn by the 3D characters (sneak peek coming soon).

This way, you’ll be able to keep all traits of your 2D Omni for the avatar version, while we’re also able to fill in the blanks as to the lower bodies of the characters!

We’re really excited about the outcome, even more so cause the metaverse agency that we’re working with is actually the same one that’s bringing BAYC and MAYC to the metaverse.




Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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Omnimorphs NFT Collectible

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